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Contents in brief

Part I. ACTUAL CATEGORICALS. (Chap. 1-10.)
Introduction. Foundations. Logical Relations. Words and Things. Propositions. Oppositions.
Eductions. Syllogisms: Definitions. Syllogisms: Applications. Syllogisms: Validations.

Part II. MODAL CATEGORICALS. (Chap. 11-19.)
Modality: Categories and Types. Sources of Modality. Modal Propositions. Modal Oppositions
and Eductions. Main Modal Syllogisms. Other Modal Syllogisms. Transitive Categoricals.
Permutation. More About Quantity.

Credibility. Logical Modality. Contextuality. Conjunction. Hypothetical Propositions.
Hypotheticals: Oppositions and Eductions. Disjunction. Intricate Logic. Logical
Compositions. Hypothetical Syllogism and Production. Logical Apodosis and Dilemma.
Paradoxes. Double Paradoxes.

Part IV. DE-RE CONDITIONING. (Chap. 33-42.)
Conditional Propositions. Natural Conditionals: Features. Natural Conditionals: Oppositions,
Eductions. Natural Conditional Syllogism and Production. Natural Apodosis and Dilemma.
Temporal Conditionals. Extensionals: Features, Oppositions, Eductions. Extensional
Conditional Deduction. Modalities of Subsumption. Condensed Propositions.

Part V. CLASS-LOGIC, AND ADDUCTION. (Chap. 43-49.)
The Logic of Classes. Hierarchies and Orders. Illicit Processes in Class Logic. Adduction.
Theory Formation. Theory Selection. Synthetic Logic.

Part VI. FACTORIAL INDUCTION. (Chap. 50-59.)
Actual Induction. Elements and Compounds. Fractions and Integers. Factorial Analysis.
Modal Induction. Factor Selection. Applied Factor Selection. Formula Revision. Gross
Formula Revision. Factorial Formula Revision.

Part VII. PERSPECTIVES. (Chap. 60-68.)
Phenomena. Consciousness and The Mind. Perception and Recognition. Past Logic. Critique
of Modern Logic. Developments in Tropology. Metalogic. Inductive Logic. Future Logic.

APPENDICES. On Factorial Analysis. On Majority and Minority.

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